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How to Book a Ticket 

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How to Book a Ticket 

Booking a ticket on Virginia Breeze Bus Lines is a straightforward process, making it easy for first-time travelers to plan their journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you book your ticket: 

Step 1: Visit the Virginia Breeze Website 

Visit the Virginia Breeze website at and click on the Buy Tickets button located at the top of your screen.  

Step 2: Select Your Travel Details 

You will be directed to a new website with a user-friendly booking system. Start by selecting your departure and arrival cities from the dropdown menus. 

Step 3: Choose your Travel Date and Time  

After selecting your cities, pick your preferred travel and date and time. The Virginia Breeze offers various schedules, so choose the one that best suits your plans.  

Step 4: Specify the Number of Passengers and Special Needs 

Indicate the number of passengers travelling with you. If any of the passengers use mobility units, click on the Special needs button. 

Step 5: Click “Find Tickets” 

Once you’ve filled in your travel details, click the “Find Tickets” button to view available bus options for your selected time and date.  

Step 6: Review Available Buses 

Virginia Breeze will display a list of available buses, along with departure times, estimated travel duration, and ticket prices.  

Step 7: Select Your Preferred Bus  

Choose the bus that fits your schedule and budget. Click on the “Add to basket” button for your chosen bus. 

Step 8: Text Updates and Redemption Codes 

You will be prompted to opt in to travel updates by text and you may also have the option to apply any discounts or promotional codes if available. Review the terms and conditions & privacy policy and click on the “Pay” button to continue purchasing your ticket. 

Step 9: Enter Passenger Information 

Click on add additional information and fill in the required passenger information, including your name, contact information, and other necessary details.  After filling in your information, click the “Confirm & Continue” button.  

Step 10: Review Your Booking 

Before proceeding, review your booking to ensure all details are accurate, and you’ve selected the correct bus, date, and time. 

Step 11: Make Your Payment 

Enter your payment information and enter all required information to complete the payment process and click the “Pay by card” button. 

Step 12: Confirmation and E-Ticket 

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation of your booking along with an e-ticket. Make sure to save or print your e-ticket, as it will be needed for boarding the bus. 

Step 13: Arrive at the Bus Stop 

On the day of your journey, arrive at the designated bus stop at least 10 minutes early to ensure a smooth boarding process. You can also track your bus at Show your ticket to the bus staff, and you’ll all set to embark on your Virginia Breeze adventure.

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